Homework battles | Through a child’s eyes

Does your child ever struggle with homework? Many do. And there’s actually a lot you can do to help. Start by watching this video with your child.

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In the video, Eli says he feels, “tense and red and frustrated” by his homework.

Ask your child: Do you ever feel like this boy does? What’s different about your experience with homework? If there was one thing you could do make homework more enjoyable, what would it be? What’s the one thing I can do to help?

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Video transcript

Eli: “My name is Eli and I’m 9 years old and I’m in third grade. My favorite things are football and other sports. I don’t like broccoli, going to bed early, and homework. Homework’s the worst. I don’t like doing homework because it’s hard and it wastes all your fun time. When I hear my mom say I have to do homework first or then you can’t play video games. I run to my room and then I scream. I’m a different person when I do homework. When I think about homework, I feel tense and red and frustrated. I would grab the piece of homework and I would throw it, and then I would step on it and rip it. I felt bad about myself because I ripped up homework and I felt like I wasn’t going to be smart when I grow up. My Mom told my teacher that this homework is too hard for him, and then we got the new homework. Well, I still don’t want to do it, but I just feel happy it’s not super hard.”

Mom : “How much is in each group?”

Eli: “Six”

Mom : “Good!”

Eli: “When I finished my first pack of new homework, I said ‘Yes’ I can do it. I can do homework that’s easy for me. All by myself. It makes me feel proud and happy.

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