When parents disagree | Through a child’s eyes

Mom's rules or Dad's rules? Faced with two very different parenting styles, this boy makes a surprising insight.

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Video transcript

Child: “When I wanted to watch the movie Selma, my dad wouldn’t let me, and my mom would. They kinda argued and it was kinda frustrating, and I didn’t want to hear them argue about it. But finally my mom just let me watch it while dad was away.”

Dad: “Did you read while I was gone? Have you been using your new reading light?”

Mom: “Your dad’s talking to you.”

Child: “Yeah. My mom has a lot less rules, and my dad has a lot more, and he’s a lot more strict about doing those rules.”

Dad: “Well then you’ve got too many tens here…”

Mom: “We’re fine.”

Child: “My mom’s like, you can take your time, but my dad’s like ‘you have to do it’. Right now. My dad will just come in and shut the TV off. He says ‘do your guitar right now’. I would like my dad to give me a warning, and say like ‘in two minutes you should do your guitar’. Like if my dad won’t give me a break, I kind of move a little bit slower, and take kind of a slow time… like taking my guitar out of its case and use that as a little, as a break. My mom, she’ll like say ‘give him a little break’. It kind of makes me confused, like which should I do and which should I not do. It would be easier to have one set of rules, even if it was my dad’s rules, because I would get used to doing them every day. I would like to have a meeting and like, have my parents say what the rules are going to be. I would like to talk to them about having a schedule, or like every day a few rules like ‘practice guitar and homework’ and then have some spots for free time – to do what you wanna do. I think it will help our family by being a little bit more prepared. I think it would make everyone a little bit more happy.”

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