Madeline Levine: When your child says, “I hate you!”

"Disagreement is tolerated. Disrespect is not," says psychologist Madeline Levine. Here's her advice on what to do when your child utters these dagger-to-the-heart words.

Here’s how 4 other parenting experts say to respond…


Christine Carter
“When somebody says something so hurtful, your response is going to be… ‘I hate you, too,’” says Raising Happiness author Christine Carter. But don’t go there, she adds. Take this approach instead. Format: Video (1:38)

John Duffy
“Usually when a child says this… they mean something different,” says psychologist John Duffy, author of The Available Parent. Here’s how to read between the lines. Format: Video (1:04)

Erica Reischer
Is it time for a stern lecture or a time-out? Neither. Parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer says by taking this approach, you’ll get beyond these three ugly words. Format: Video (1:42)

Richard Weissbourd
Kids will “go through moments when they are really angry and hate their parents,” says Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd. But that doesn’t make saying it OK. Format: Video (1:39)

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