Carol Dweck on what to do when your child says, “I don’t like reading!”

Read between the lines, says Stanford psychologist and Mindset author Carol Dweck. Why? Because kids mean something very different when they object to reading.

Here’s how 4 other parenting experts say to respond…


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Famed educator Marva Collins shares her secret for getting even the most recalcitrant readers to succeed. Format: Article

Video transcript

“Often when kids say reading is boring, I don’t like reading, they really mean I’m afraid I am not good at reading. Often behind this screen of I don’t like, I don’t want, is this idea that some people are good at something and some aren’t. And maybe I’m not good at it. And if we teach kids that skills like reading are things that you become better at over time by doing it when it’s hard. That can make a really big difference. And in general, we should teach them hard things don’t mean you’re not good at something. Hard is how you get better at them. In general, we should teach them, easy tasks, boring, waste of time. Hard tasks, that’s when you’re growing these connections in your brain and getting smarter.”

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