What’s a parent to do when their child announces, “I don’t like reading!”?

Don't despair, says Book Love author Melissa Taylor. Instead, try these three secrets to get your reluctant reader hooked on books.

Is your child resisting reading at every turn? Don’t despair, says Melissa Taylor, author of Book Love. While hating to read is a common cri de coeur for fledgling readers, they can be transformed into lifelong bibliophiles by taking these simple steps.

Here’s how 4 other parenting experts say to respond…


Jane Bluestein
Don’t force it, advises education consultant Jane Bluestein. If a child resists reading, there are plenty of ways to lure him in. Format: Article

Carol Dweck
Read between the lines, says Stanford psychologist and Mindset author Carol Dweck. Why? Because kids mean something very different when they object to reading. Format: Video (1:06)

Kelly Gallagher
Longtime educator and child reading expert Kelly Gallagher says that a parent should take into account a child’s age and use these techniques to make reading fun. Format: Article

Marva Collins
Famed educator Marva Collins shares her secret for getting even the most recalcitrant readers to succeed. Format: Article

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