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(October 2011)
"Let's face the facts, folks ... no school in any city or any county or any state is going to be perfect, the kids are all pretty much the same everywhere. Our kids went to several different schools across the United States before we finally moved back home to Arkansas. None of the schools were much different than they are here in Rogers, the teachers weren't much different, the kids weren't much different and the school district administration wasn't much different. The teachers and administration are doing the best they can. What we need is better state laws that let the teachers and administration do what we as parents expect them to do. (Right now the Arkansas state laws are working against teachers and school administration.) "

(February 2011)
"The only reason that I didn't give this school a 5/5 is because of it's students. The majority of them are spoiled prats whom complain about homework no matter how easy and over glorify sports and materialism. The lot don't deserve such a great facility and staff. I've a group of friends who are like minded and they are few, but some people there are worth being around."

(June 2009)
"This school is good but the best school in the state of Arkansas is Augusta High School!!!!! "

(September 2008)
"This school is amazing! It has everything you could ever imagine for a high school, good sports, good food, good people, safety is first, and the teachers are awesome. "

(September 2008)
"It has a good variety of classes and most teachers are very helpful and nice but it is in an upscale town where most of the kids are spoiled, so most of them can be harsh and mean. I have gone to 4 different schools and if I hadn't have made the cheer squad I would have never made friends. If you don't have designer everything and a BMW, Mercedes, ect. then its almost impossible to fit in"
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