Kinders and first graders

Making ornaments
Spicy craft: a fragrant lesson

Kindergarten math
Math practice: adding one more

Making play doh
Shh… it’s math: making play-doh

Kindergarten reading
Reading comp: fantasy story

Arts and crafts
Letter savvy:
ABC book

Kindergarten science
Science smarts: animal homes


Second and third graders

Writing a story
Word up: cool captions

Multiplication table
Math practice:
10 times tables

Making a cookbook
Kitschy design: family cookbook

Pattern in poem
Poems: spotting patterns

Family memory book
Picture project: memory book

Science paper goods
Experiment: testing paper strength


Fourth and fifth graders

Making a menu
Creative writing: design a menu

Types of triangles
Math practice: 4 types of triangles

Travel agent
Skill building: play travel agent

Reading comprehension
Reading comp: a classic tale

Arts and crafts
Scene stealer: working in 3D

Temperature and heat
Science know-how: heat in, heat out

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