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Study skills for middle school and beyond

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By GreatSchools Staff

Help your child make the most of his time.

If she carries a review sheet or book along with her, sitting in the doctor's waiting room or waiting out a traffic jam can be productive study time. That leaves more time for a basketball game after school.

Make sure your child knows the basics.

Find out the skills students at your child's grade level are expected to have. Middle school students are generally expected to have learned basic multiplication and division facts, for example. If your child can't quickly recall them, it is likely to hurt her scores on math tests.

Look for other sources of support.

Find out the best way to reach your child's teachers and keep that contact information handy all year. Is there a college student in your neighborhood who can help with math, a relative who can tutor him in Spanish? Talk to your child about finding a "study buddy" or group. Study groups can be effective because students can fill in the gaps in each other's knowledge and test their understanding of the material by explaining it to others.

Reflect on what works.

Some questions you can ask your child: How do you know when you've studied enough? How did you keep yourself focused? How much time did you plan to spend and how much did you actually spend? How would you do this differently next time?

Help your child destress.

Good study skills can help reduce anxiety, and so can relaxation exercises and regular physical activity. If your child seems unusually anxious about tests, talk to him about it. If the work seems too difficult for your child or the workload too great, contact the school.

"Have a conversation with the teacher," says Winburn, the South Carolina teacher. "Maybe the child doesn't need to be doing 100 problems to practice a concept. Maybe 10 is just fine."

Comments from readers

"pls help my 13year old is really not doing well with her studies,she is currently below average.what do I do? "
"I really like your aproach with this help study,I guess not only does this help my grandchild but this help me also Thanks alot. "
"My daughter is going to high school next year and, thanks to SOL's and NO TEXT BOOKS, hasn't learned "how to learn" or study yet. Memorizing a handful of SOL bullet items isn't "learning." Situations have already come up where knowing how to learn and basic study skills were needed and she was lost. I need to find an online course, community college summer course, at-home program, SOMETHING to prepare her before high school next year! Any suggestions? "
"This reallly helped my son! Thanks! "
"I just loved this article it is so useful to help my ADD child of 13 years from grade 7. "
"i think redecorating a room helps because you can get a nice desk and a radio next to it to help you study "
"Study skills has longed seem to me to be a euphemism for 'memorization'. You're not really 'studying' - you're trying to memorize. That said, the first 'study skill' is figuring out how the teacher tests. Does the teacher give short answer tests? Multiple choice tests? Or essay tests? Does the teacher focus on concepts or on details? Are the tests make up by the publisher of the textbook or does the teacher make them up on their own? Any single chapter or single unit of material followed by a chapter test or unit test can have sheer volumes of information. Any Middle Schooler can easily feel overwhelmed - where to begin? In the better world, maybe we'll finally stop giving closed-book memorization based tests but till then school will favor those students who are strong readers and who have the knack for remembering details. That's not every student. And many classes essentially throw volumes of information out every day without any coherent organization to it or without an overarching concept to which all the details are related. Once you know what kind of test is coming your way, then certainly making sense of the information is the most important study skill but that's very hard for students to do on their own. "
"I need help studying for earth science because the way the tests are written out are so completely new to me. "
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"My son is great when it comes to test and quiz' Ususally getting above 90's His issue is homework and participation. He does not turn it in when he does it and is failing regardless of test scores and semester has'nt ended yet. We've had him tested and his scores were on top. Even with therapy he has not improved a bit since 7th grade. What can I do to help and prevent him from failing? Any suggestions? "
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"This will really help me i just noticed that i should plan out every thing for my homework and study time. "
"I'm going into 6th grade next year, and some advice that i'm pretty sure would help is to find out everything you can about your school. Go to their website and check out all the teachers website so you know what they expect. Also, Some good study advice would be to go into a school library and do all your homework there after school. I got A's on every single assignment and test. But then again, I am the nerd everyone hates.... "
"this is summer vacation and i am going to 7ht grade. now, in 6th grade i did my class work and most of the time sent my homework in 96% of the time also. but i never had the energy to do my homework. it was because i always stayed up late and even though i got up every morning to go to school i still wasnt well rested so that brought me down. so this is advice to everybody. i really sound like a dork saying this but, sleep really does affect the way ur day will turn out and really is very important. i never liked to admit this type of stuff because im like a class clown and the girl everyone likes. but my advice that would like to add to this article is to get alot of sleep also cause it also effects how you study, and take tests, and do projects, and homework. "
"im 12 years old and i need help studying for a science test tomorrow and i cant seem to find a way to actually learn the key concepts. Please comment to help me."
"Im 11 years old and am starting to panic a little, im still in the 5th grade, every year in elementary school we have math of course, but whenever we go to learn a subject (mostly in 5th grade) everyone always knows what were learning before we learn the subject, i cant help feel like im dumb. How does everyone know what were learning? In 4th and 5th grade it was tough, i always have to nod and act like i know it when i dont. If things are like this now im scarred to find out math in 6 grade, i dont want to tell my teacher either. Reason number 1. she teaches me math and i don't want her to think im dumb, which i hope im not im a B B A A A student in 4th and 5th grade."
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"Why is it that all articles offering 'study skill' ideas for students only cover how to PREPARE for the actual studying?... 'Find a quiet space', 'Organize important notes', 'Have all supplies needed in one place'.... blah, blah. Articles like this only state the obvious, EASY, parts of study. I am constantly in search of the article that will offer different ideas in helping my child to absorb the information needed for the test or quiz. Everyone learns in different ways. As a result, most parents can only offer the study skills to their child that personally work for them. What if my study skills do not work for my daughter or son? Where is the article that will suggest different ways to help my child retain the information she or he needs to learn?"
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"I live in LA, CA. I have 2 boys that have been thru the montessori program from pre k-7. Neither of them have any study habits. Both of them are so bright. I want to have someone help me to teach them- i cannot do it. Do you know of a tutor or a program that is just about study habits and do's and don'ts. We are pretty desperate at this point. Please let me know. Thanx so much, a l i c i a m a c d o n a l d"
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"I have an auditory child who also has ADD. He is very bright keeps up with the homework and writes everything in his agenda. The problem is with quizes and test he really struggles to make good grades on tests. He takes notes and then I quiz him from the book and his notes. If you can give me some better way to help him study. He is 11 years old and loves middle school 6th grade. He started off great then the work became harder. The multiple choice questions are the worst. He does study, but will barely pass with a 70 or 67. If you have something I could follow to help him. Frustrated parent "
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" I have a son going into the eighth grade impaired in some ways by executive functioning issues relative to school work and homework. Do you have any leads on tutors in Houston, Texas who are skilled and qualified to work with students like this ?"
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"Just as the article mentioned, I have found that my 8th grade daughter is not as quick with the +,-.* and / facts as she needs to be and has indeed suffered some on tests and homework. So we're going back to basics and doing drills and flash cards and home to reinforce these. Also, one night when she said she didn't understand the math homework and just wanted me to sign it so the teacher would know she needed help, I sat down and began to do the problems myself without her seeing the answers. All of a sudden it became a challenge to her and we finished all 25 problems, with her correcting some of my mistakes. As her history teacher said to the parents, 'don't back off, they really do need you.'"