Practice handwriting at home in a manner consistent with what your child is doing in school. Ask your child to write a grocery list as you both figure out what you’ll need to buy. After the holidays, sit down together to write thank-you notes. As you do these activities, use the cues she is familiar with from her school’s handwriting system.

What You’ll Need

  • A copy of the handwriting sample letters your child’s teacher uses
  • A list of the cues she is given for forming letters

Here’s How To Do It

Ask your child’s teacher for a copy of the school’s handwriting system, and familiarize yourself with cues (for example: “Top down, up around…”). When your child is writing something at home (a birthday wish list, a thank-you note, a card to a friend), have the letter formation chart handy, and have her recite the cues to you as she forms the letters. If she cannot remember them, this is the time to “share the cues.” This will reinforce proper letter formation as the cues and practice become embedded in her handwriting process. Also, whenever your child is writing, check to be sure she is holding the pencil or pen correctly, as improper grip can lead to handwriting difficulties.