Finding time to help improve your child’s school can seem impossible if, like most parents, you are already scrambling to help with homework, read with your child and pack healthy lunches. The good news is that all of the things you do to help your child do well in school also help improve the school.

Helping your child succeed helps the school in several ways:

Improve the school’s test scores. Your child is likely to do better academically if he comes to school rested and fed, completes his homework regularly and reads each night. Successful schools are those with successful students. This means that as your child’s performance improves, he boosts the success of the school.

Help your child’s teacher focus on learning. Her teacher’s job will be easier if she arrives at school ready to learn. Teachers can focus more on teaching and learning when students’ other needs are met. Teachers appreciate when parents help students follow through with homework, reading and developing study skills at home, too.

Encourage your child’s teacher to do his best. Paying attention to the school side of your child’s education also makes the school better. Parents who know what their children should learn and be able to do in each grade help hold schools and teachers accountable. Also, when teachers know parents appreciate their efforts and care about education, they are inspired to do their best.

Build your credibility. If you are considering taking a parent leadership role at your school or launching a school improvement project, being actively involved with your child’s education has an added benefit. Your efforts are more likely to be taken seriously if school staff members know you are competent, involved and reliable.