Creative thinking is an important asset in the world today. Many of the standards being developed in the math curriculum today call for creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Helping your child develop these skills at home will reap benefits well into the future. This activity combines both into a fun-filled activity.

What you’ll need:

Colored poster board, cut to 11 x 11 inches
4 pieces of card stock, cut to 4 x 4 inches
Pencil and eraser
Materials such as markers, crayons, paints, and yarn

Here’s how to do it

This project can be spread over a few days or a few weeks. Explain to your child that he is going to make four paper quilt blocks that represent information about him. Have him think of things that interest him such as foods he likes, hobbies he enjoys, or sports he plays.

On one piece of card stock, have him use a pencil and ruler to plan out what he wants to put on the first block. Ask him to think about where each item or picture will go and how to space them out so they are visually appealing. Then let your child’s imagination loose and use whatever art materials are handy.

Repeat these steps to make the other three quilt blocks. Then help your child place the blocks on the poster board measuring a 1-inch outside border and 1-inch between each block.