Looking for some fun games and activities to do at home with your preschooler? Check these out!

Healthy Food Collage

Have your child find pictures of healthy foods that he likes to eat and then arrange these pictures in a creative collage.

What Am I?

Describe an object and have your child guess what it is.

Laundry Sort

By sorting and categorizing laundry, your preschooler will begin to build math and problem-solving skills.

Telling Tales

By sharing family stories, you will reinforce an understanding of family and how things are similar or different from generation to generation. This provides a building block for studying social studies.

Make Music in a Kitchen Band

Banging pots and pans, and beating on an oatmeal tin can teach the basics of finding the musical beat.

The “Scents” of Smell

Have your child explore the sense of smell by having her guess different scents.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Try printmaking to make your own wrapping paper!

Walk in the leaves

In this fun and educational activity your preschooler explores leaves she has collected outside.

Family Drawing

In this activity your child learns about families, draws a picture of her family and then tells about someone in the picture.

Making and Playing With Goop

Have fun with your child making “goop” out of cornstarch and water.

Make an Alphabet Book

Have your child create a personalized alphabet book.

Feelings Collage

In this activity, your preschooler makes a collage that expresses different emotions.

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