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We're here to help you explore your options and find the right school for your child. To get started with the school research process, check out the information below. You can learn more about how to choose a school and what the state report cards are.

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What is the A-F Report Card?

Oklahoma’s A-F School Grading System is a way for parents and community members to quickly and easily determine how their schools are doing. All Oklahoma public schools are required to report standardized test scores to the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE). That information is used to calculate an overall letter grade from A to F for each school.

How is the grade calculated?

Each school's grade is based on two measures, each of which is worth half of the grade:

  1. Student performance is a measure of students' standardized test scores.
  2. Student growth compares current student test scores to scores from the previous year. Student growth includes both overall student growth and growth among the lowest-performing students.
Schools can earn extra points based on attendance rate, drop out rate, graduation rate, advanced course work, and other factors.

How will the A-F rating affect my child's school?

The A-F Report Card is not punitive. There are no penalties or loss of funding for schools that receive a low grade. The A-F rating system is an assessment tool that lets parents and communities know how local schools are performing.

In fact, the OSDE provides various supports to schools that receive low grades. The Office of School Support offers many professional development opportunities and other resources to encourage school improvement. The OSDE also offers grants to high-performing schools if they use some of the grant money to partner with low-performing schools to boost student achievement.

To find out more, visit the Oklahoma Department of Education website.