GreatSchools PK-12 School & District Information

At GreatSchools, we believe that knowledge has the power to drive positive change. Our School Data Insights are a testament to our commitment to transparency and our mission as a nonprofit organization.

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Enterprise Data Licensing

Comprehensive School Demographics

Understanding school dynamics is crucial for creating inclusive environments. Our demographics offer a panoramic view, celebrating diversity and embracing every child's unique identity.

Unbiased Student Performance Analysis

Our evaluation method considers academic growth and equity. Through unbiased performance analysis, we highlight schools prioritizing growth, paving pathways for all to succeed.

Insightful Data Visualizations

Bring the data to life, and identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. By making data accessible and understandable, we empower you to advocate for positive change in your communities.

Uncover the Untold Stories of Schools Today!

Join GreatSchools on our mission to reveal the true potential of schools. By utilizing our School Data Insights, you become an agent of change, driving educational equity and transforming the lives of students and families.

School Data Sets

GreatSchools helps families make informed education decisions by partnering with real estate and tech companies to provide high-quality school data via the GreatSchools API and flat file that support families.

Assignment & Boundary Data

Our data provides school assignment and district boundary info, aiding developers and realtors in planning educational services, analyzing housing, and building apps requiring precise district info.

GreatSchools™ 1-10 Ratings

The GreatSchoolstm 1-10 dataset provides objective assessments of academic performance and quality to aid companies in offering valuable insights into top educational options.

School Directory

The  School Directory offers detailed information about educational institutions, so companies can provide users with extensive school profiles to support informed decisions about education.

Themed School Ratings

Themed School Ratings offer specialized evaluations, focusing on aspects like extracurriculars, arts, or STEM programs. This data helps users find schools matching their interests.

School Demographics

Our School Demographics data informs companies about student population characteristics in specific schools, including ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and other insights.

Test Proficiency

The Test Proficiency dataset shows school performance in standardized tests. Companies can use it to highlight academic achievements and aid education decisions.

Community Reviews

The Community Reviews provide authentic feedback from parents, students, and community members to help companies present comprehensive school views.

College Preparation & Enrollment Performance

College preparation and enrollment data enables companies to inform end users about college and career readiness and pipeline.

Priced for Your Financial Requirements

We offer customizable pricing options, which allow you to tailor the dataset to precisely fit your organization's requirements.

Each enterprise plan supports multiple digital products (e.g. website, mobile app, etc.) for public display and internal analysis.

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Data for Your Industry

Real Estate

Enhance your real estate investment and marketing strategy with GreatSchools' comprehensive school data solutions. Our database empowers you to inject rich data into your analysis and provide potential homebuyers with valuable insights into nearby schools, including school ratings, boundaries, demographic data, and community reviews.

Engage and convert prospects with content that highlights the quality of local schools, helping families make informed decisions about their future neighborhood and boosting conversion rates for your real estate listings.

Powering Real Estate Websites

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Technology Web/App Developers

Integrate GreatSchools's school data API into your technology applications to deliver valuable educational insights to your users. Whether you're building educational apps, neighborhood search tools, or real estate platforms, our API provides access to school boundaries, nearby school data, and demographic information.

Enhance user experience and boost retention rates by providing data-backed school quality information that empowers users to make informed decisions, all while driving conversions and customer satisfaction on your tech platform.

Data is waiting.

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