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Engage with families

Reach parents directly with information they want and need, from school culture to course offerings to extracurriculars and more. You can also respond publicly to reviews of your school.

Update your profile information

Add or change the principal’s contact information, school website, and hours to reflect the most up-to-date details.

Attract new students and staff

Give prospective families and staff a glimpse into what makes your school special.

How to claim your school’s profile in minutes

Create an account

Teachers, principals, verified PTA/PTO leaders, administrators, and communications staff can all claim school profiles. After signing up for your account, you’ll get an email asking you to verify your email with one click. This quick but important step must happen to create your school account.

If you’re claiming more than one school (e.g. district communications personnel) and you have access to a generic, school- or district-based email (such as, we recommend using that address to create your account.

Customize your profile

Answer simple questions about your school’s classes, learning environment, extracurriculars, college and career offerings, hours, and more. You can also respond to community reviews directly on your profile.

We’ll do the rest

We take data security seriously, so we’ll verify your account before publishing changes. We’ll email you once your account has been approved by our team.

Questions? See our frequently asked questions about claiming and updating school profiles.