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There are 3,615 public and private PK-12 schools in South Carolina. Learn more about the schools, student demographics, and academics within the state, read parent reviews of local schools, and find information about specific cities and school districts.
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Overall experience
Please think twice about sending your kids here. Make sure you feel comfortable sending your kids here. I definitely did not receive the service I thought I would at this institution. I was very... More
Review for Montessori School of Columbia
Submitted by a parent · May 29, 2020
Overall experience
Bullying is god awful here. My future children won’t be going here. Also clean the school and repaint it. It’s not hard, at least paint the bathrooms there our words all over the place.
Review for Buford High School
Submitted by a student · May 27, 2020
Overall experience
Disappointing . This school could be great but they fail to follow through on a variety of issues. Class sizes are small to the point of minimal diversity and no chance for healthy socialization. ... More
Review for Hilton Head Christian Academy
Submitted by a parent · May 27, 2020