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Milwaukee Education Community

Improving education is the work of the whole community.
Some important contributors include (but are not limited to):

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Acelero is a community action program that provides comprehensive early childhood education to low-income children and involves their parents in the total child development process.

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Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones, Inc.

ALAS's mission is to promote the independence of persons with disabilities by providing information and support to them, their families, and their services providers in the areas related to but not limited to education and health. They partner with Greatschools to serve their parents who are looking for great schools for their children.

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Archdiocese of Greater Milwaukee

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee comprise 94 elementary schools and 15 high schools with 31,289 students enrolled. 31 schools are located within the City of Milwaukee.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit organization that provides families with mentors for their children. They partner with GreatSchools to provide school selection information and coaching to their families served.

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Black Health Coalition

The Black Health Coalition focuses on the highest quality of life for African Americans by providing health, education, and resource information for families in Milwaukee urban areas. They partner with GreatSchools to provide school selection information and coaching to their families served.

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City of Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee sponsors 10 charter schools, serving 3,221 students.

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Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction works for students, parents, educators, and citizens through public schools and libraries and oversees most of the education programming and teacher qualifications in the state of Wisconsin.

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Gwen T. Jackson Early Childhood Education Center

Gwen T. Jackson Early Childhood and Elementary School serves 368 students. It aims to build a strong academic foundation, enhance positive social skills and nurture community involvement for all students by providing a challenging and caring learning environment. Gwen T. Jackson partners with GreatSchools to ensure all children find a school that fits.

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Hispanics for School Choice

Hispanics for School Choice exists to represent and inform the Hispanic communities of Wisconsin on the issue of school choice and advocate for the removal of any restrictions on the parent to choose. They partner with Greatschools to better serve their clients with school selection.

Milwaukee school choice information

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Housing Authority - City of Milwaukee

HUD - The Department of Housing and Urban Development is a federally funded organization that provides affordable housing options. They partner with GreatSchools to provide school selection information and coaching to their members.

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Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative (LUMIN)

Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative, Inc. (LUMIN) oversees a network of 5 Lutheran schools throughout Milwaukee representing more than 1100 students.

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Milwaukee Charter School Advocates

The mission of the Advocates is to provide strategies and resources to expand and replicate high-performing independent charter schools in Milwaukee, and to overcome or curtail the obstacles that inhibit their growth.

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Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce

MMAC is committed to increasing the economic vitality of the Milwaukee metro business community, and has been a powerful force for improving education in Milwaukee. They are the key private-sector partner for economic development, working to strengthen Milwaukee's business base and attract and retain jobs and the talent to fill them.

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Milwaukee Public Library

Milwaukee Public Library (MPL) is a public library system in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It consists of a Central Library and 12 neighborhood libraries, all of which are part of the Milwaukee County Federated Library System, the largest public library system in Wisconsin. MPL partners with Greatschools to serve as the largest distribution site in Milwaukee for printed guides.

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Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS)

MPS is the largest public school district in the State of Wisconsin, with 166 schools serving more than 80,000 students. Academic programs enhance literacy, prepare children for college and also for technical careers. MPS has language immersion schools, and schools that feature Montessori instruction and International Baccalaureate programs. MPS provides services for homeless children, English Language Learners, and supportive resources for children of varied abilities.

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Milwaukee Succeeds

Milwaukee Succeeds is a collaborative effort launched in summer 2011 by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Greater Milwaukee Committee, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Milwaukee Urban League, United Way of Greater Milwaukee and the Helen Bader Foundation as a way to unite the community around a common goal of improving 3rd grade reading and bringing about lasting change to the way education works for children in Milwaukee.

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Next Door Foundation

The Next Door Foundation is an education and social service center, working with Milwaukee children and families to help build the education and life skills they need to succeed. The Next Door Foundation partners with Greatschools to help their families with school selection and eases the student's transition from their services to a regular school.

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PAVE (Partners Advancing Values in Education)

PAVE helps recruit, train, engage and support knowledgeable board members for their Partner Schools, while providing access to the funding and networks those boards need to realize their long term vision for success.

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Pearls for Teen Girls

Pearls for Teen Girls is a non-profit organization that provides young ladies with mentoring, social, and academic enrichment opportunities. They partner with GreatSchools to provide school selection information and coaching to their families served.

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Penfield Children's Center

Penfield Children's Center is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to help infants and young children with and without disabilities to reach their full potential through education, therapy services and family programs. PCC partners with Greatschools to help parents with an easy transition for their child when the child turns three and they need to go to school. Greatschools helps parents with selecting a school based on the child's special needs.

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Rocketship Southside Community Prep

Rocketship Southside Community Prep serves 300 students and is part of Rocketship Education, a national network of elementary school charters. Their aim is creating high-performing, urban, college-preparatory K-5 charter schools dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap. Rocketship partners with GreatSchools to ensure all children find a school that fits.

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School Choice Wisconsin

It is the goal of School Choice Wisconsin to empower families by advocating for quality educational options so parents can choose the best educational environment for their child.

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Schools That Can Milwaukee

Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc. (STCM) was founded in 2010 on the belief that, despite great challenges, outstanding schools exist in Milwaukee in all three sectors — district, charter, and private and more are possible.  STCM is partnering with high-performing Milwaukee schools to support expansion and replication, to identify their strengths and best practices and replicate these attributes at other schools throughout the community, and to collaborate with other local organizations to recruit high-quality school models and leaders to Milwaukee.

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SDC Headstart

SDC Head Start is a community action program that provides comprehensive early childhood education to low-income children and involves their parents in the total child development process. SDC partners with Greatschools to better assist the parents they serve with school selection.

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Sixteenth Street Behavioral Services

Sixteenth Street provides high quality health care, health education and social services to low-income residents of Milwaukee's culturally diverse south side since 1969. Comprehensive health services include adult and pediatric medicine, behavioral health services, and women's health, HIV prevention and treatment and physical occupational therapy. Sixteenth Street Community Health Center partners with Greatschools to help their patients and families with selecting a great school for their children.

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St. Marcus School

St. Marcus School serves 730+ students, and is a nationally recognized leader in urban education reform, empowering individuals, children and families to overcome challenges and reach their full potential. St. Marcus partners with GreatSchools to ensure all children find a school that fits.

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UMOS is a non-profit advocacy organization that provides programs and services which improve the employment, educational, health and housing opportunities of under-served populations. UMOS partners with Greatschools to better assist parents with school selection for their families.

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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM)

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee is a public urban research university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States. It operates 12 charter schools, serving 5,188 students.

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The Value-Added Research Center (VARC) was founded in 2004 to conduct basic research to develop new and useful models of the productivity of schools, teachers, and administrators; and work with school districts and states to disseminate these models and assess their real-world utility. VARC provides Value-Added/Growth data for GreatSchools Milwaukee.

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Wisconsin Charter School Association

The mission of the Wisconsin Charter Schools Association (WCSA) is to provide the students and parents of Wisconsin with options for quality public education. WCSA advocates on behalf of quality public charter schools to ensure autonomy, accountability and innovation.

Learn more about the Wisconsin Charter School Association