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Your child and technology: what your kindergartner needs to know

Some schools and parents are using technology to boost reading, math, and science skills, but it remains optional for kindergarten learning.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Are there any standards for technology in kindergarten classrooms?

The Common Core Standards Initiative issued in 2010 – and adopted by most states  – spells out several technical skills that a kindergartner should have, at least ideally. (Many states also follow the National Educational Technology Standards for Students.) The reality is that most kindergartners use technology minimally. Your kindergartner may have one or more computer workstations in the classroom, visit a computer lab once a week, or not use technology at all. If technology is a regular part of the classroom, your child might use free time to play a kindergarten-level reading or math game, listen to a story on tape, or record her own story on the computer. It all depends on the school's philosophy and resources, as well as how much, or little, the teacher decides to use technology as an early learning tool.