Ready to be amazed? First graders learn to write a full paragraph about a topic — with an introduction, details, and a conclusion. This year, the emphasis is on kids expressing ideas and organizing their thoughts in writing, not perfecting spelling, as you’ll see in these writing samples. So-called “invented spelling” is still prevalent in first grade writing. Phonetic spellings like “vary” for very and “mack” for make are quite common (and just fine for now). Learn more about your first grader’s writing under Common Core.

First grade writing sample #1

Water is inportint

This child’s report has a title, a picture, and a full paragraph with an introduction, three ideas for how to save water, and a conclusion. After the report, you can see the brainstorming of ideas and why the idea is important, both key pre-writing steps that are emphasized in first grade.


First grade writing sample #2

How to savs water

Khalil’s report also starts with a title, a picture, and a full paragraph. Check out how he prepares to write by drawing his ideas. Khalil draws four ideas and ultimately picks two to write about. This is a great example of the pre-writing process first graders are encouraged to use.


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