For kindergartners, writing means drawing pictures and writing a few words or a sentence to describe their drawing. It’s all about sharing ideas, so don’t worry about spelling. In the first of these real kindergarten writing samples, the child writes “becs” for because, which perfectly illustrates the concept of “invented spelling,” which is normal in kindergarten, first, and even second grade. Learn more about your kindergartner’s writing under Common Core.

Kindergarten writing sample #1


Thanks to invented spelling, “Dog is the best because they bark.” is written, “Dog is the BST BeCS tHeY BURc.”


Kindergarten writing sample #2

Saving water

Scarlett draws a picture of her topic sentence and then writes it.


Kindergarten writing sample #3

Saving water

Using surprisingly clear invented spelling, Ben writes, “tAcAsAOr” for, “Take a shower.”


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