#1 Break the chain

The Grand Prize winner of the Stop Bullying Challenge, this video uses illustrations and a beautiful song to encourage kids to stand up to bullies. It only takes one person to “break the chain.”



#2 Be the hero

We love this video, which also nabbed an honorable mention in the Stop Bullying Challenge, because it conveys the simple message that being a hero is easier than you think.



#3 Kids react to bullying

The FineBros are famous on YouTube for their “Kids React” video series. In this one, we see kids’ honest reactions to an infamous bullying video where a victim finally fights back. Is it right or wrong? The kids tell you what they think. Warning: moderate violence.



#4 Sincere compliment

What can we say about Jeremiah, other than he’s awesome? This high schooler started a Facebook page and Twitter account to send sincere compliments and positive messages to his classmates. These seemingly small acts of kindness have a huge impact, creating a true sense of community at his school and inspring many, many more.



#5 Teens react to Amanda Todd

On October 10, 2012, Amanda Todd committed suicide. Before her death, she posted a video of herself on YouTube using flashcards to tell her story of cyberbullying, abuse, and blackmail. In this video (another in the reactions series by TheFineBros), we get teenagers’ reactions to Amanda’s story — including their own bullying experiences and how they relate to Amanda’s horrifying and unfair ordeal.


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Updated: March 4, 2016