It sounds too good to be true: Music is a fun way to teach your young child about the basics of math. By listening to music with your kindergartner and helping her find patterns in a song’s rhythm and beat, you’ll be strengthening her understanding of basic math.

Here are five websites you and your child can listen to music together:


1. DSO Kids
Created by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, this site offers children easy ways to learn about classical music, including creative games like “Beethoven’s Baseball.”

2. Creating Music
Designed especially for kids, Creating Music has some good games kindergartners should enjoy. Click on “Playing (with) Music” and let your child write her own short songs. Or check out “Hearing Music” to teach her about pitch and rhythm.

3. Children’s music on Pandora
From “Sleepy Time” to “Rockin’ Kids Radio,” this list will point parents in the direction of several free, kid-friendly Internet radio stations.

4. PBS Jazz Kids
Your kid will turn into one cool cat by learning about different jazz instruments and jazz greats like Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker. Or help her play bandleader by putting together her own virtual jazz band.

5. Radio Disney
This toe-tapping site let’s your child listen to the top hits played on Radio Disney. Tip: Click on “Music” and “Top 30 Countdown” to listen to the latest kid-friendly Disney hits.