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School review guidelines

Welcome to GreatSchools — your community resource to get and share information about schools!

Helping parents get a great education for their children is our mission. We invite you to join us in this effort by rating and reviewing your child’s school. To ensure your review is helpful to as many parents as possible, we ask that you follow our community and school review guidelines.

School reviews are a way for parents, teachers, students, and caregivers who have had recent, direct experience with a school to share its strengths and weaknesses. Sharing your honest opinions will help families find the best school for their child.

Be honest, keep it current: Please do not post outdated information. We prefer reviews from parents whose children have a recent, direct experience with the school, students (age 13 or older) who attend the school, and current or recent teachers, staff, and volunteers at the school.

One review per person for each review topic: At this time, we allow one review per person, per school, for each review topic. When you update a review using the ‘Manage Review’ feature, your edits will update your existing review.

There is help
If you are a student and are having suicidal thoughts, please know you are not alone. Call the suicide hotline 24/7 to talk to someone who can help: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Review moderation policies and FAQ

To ensure high-quality school reviews on, we employ both automated and manual moderation systems. Due to the volume of reviews we receive, we are not able to read them all. Instead, we rely on you to flag reviews that do not meet our guidelines.

Please keep in mind that while community members are responsible for the content of their posts, we reserve the right to remove any review that does not meet our guidelines or that we deem inappropriate or offensive.

Student reviews
All reviews submitted by students must be read in advance by a moderator and are posted if they meet our guidelines. Please be patient as this may take a few days.

Common questions about reviews and moderation

It seems like you only post positive reviews. Do you post any negative reviews?
Yes, we do! GreatSchools publishes all reviews that adhere to our guidelines. That includes a wide range of positive, lukewarm, and negative reviews. In most cases, an otherwise acceptable review will contain just one name, word, or sentence that violates one of our guidelines–and still we must remove it. This also happens with positive reviews, though less frequently, of course. We understand that not all experiences are good ones, so please help us help you get your point of view published by stating your opinion constructively and by adhering to our guidelines.

Can I use names in my review?
We allow reviews that use names of principals and school officials in a respectful way but we ask that you please respect the privacy of staff, students, and other families who may not wish to be identified by name. We will also consider disabling a review if the person named contacts us or if the person named is a minor.

How do I flag a review?
To report a review to our moderation team, use the “report it” tool. You will see this flag located in the upper right corner of each review. Just click on it, tell us how the review violates our guidelines, and click submit.

Do you edit reviews?
No. Reviews are never edited by our staff. Not even to correct typos. However, you can always change your own review. Just submit a new review using the same email address and your new review will replace your old review.

Will I hear back from you after I report a review?
Thank you for taking the time to report a review! We really do rely on our responsible community members to alert us to a problem. Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests, we are not able to reply to everyone who reports a review. If you reported a review that remains posted, it means our moderators have determined that it is in line with our guidelines and will remain on the site.

Why did my review get deleted?
The most common reason a review is removed is because the reviewer submits a new review for the same school. In that case, the new review will replace the old review. However, if you wrote a school review and it has not been published, please read our guidelines and write another review. If you believe your review meets our guidelines and you have submitted it twice and it has been more than 24 hours, please contact us for help. Thank you!

I’m a principal and I see inaccurate and/or unfavorable reviews on my school profile. Can you remove them for me?
GreatSchools will only remove a review if it violates our school review guidelines and/or our community guidelines. We do not remove reviews because they are critical or simply because a school asks us to do so. Principals and school administrators can share their perspective by signing up for a School Account. Among other things, your School Account allows you to post a message that is highlighted and permanently posted above all parent reviews on your profile. This is a great way to set the record straight and share all the best aspects of your school with families who use GreatSchools.

Why aren’t there more current reviews?
We post reviews in the order in which we receive them, with the newest reviews appearing at the top. We love new reviews and know that the more recent they are the more helpful they are to parents. If your school’s reviews are out of date, please encourage your peers to post new reviews.


Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your name or email address with anyone except as otherwise described in our Privacy Policy.

Please review our terms of use for more information. If you still have questions, please contact us.