Our team

We’re in this together! Our team has expertise in digital media, parenting, and education. We work together to create innovative and impactful resources for families, combining high-quality research with intuitive design. Meet our Board of Directors and Parent Council.

Ajay VishwanathAjay Vishwanath
Software Engineer I

Alexina ChongAlexina Chong
Software Engineer II

Alyssa MalloryAlyssa Mallory
Data Engineer I

Anthony RoyAnthony Roy
VP, Engineering

Carol LloydCarina Aldridge
VP, Sales and Marketing

Carol LloydCarol Lloyd
VP, Development

Christopher ShumwayChristopher Shumway
Systems Engineer

Elliot BeaudoinElliot Beaudoin
Chief Product Officer

Greg BeckerGreg Becker
Sr. Software Engineer

Heather PassmoreHeather Passmore
Senior Data Scientist

James BallietJames Balliet
Senior Systems Engineer

Jemma CenterJemma Center

Jessica KelmonJessica Kelmon
Director, Content

J. Hansen-Lewis
Director, User Experience

Kevin Maina
HubSpot Administrator & Revenue Operations Specialist

Jon DeaneJon Deane
Chief Executive Officer

Josh KurodaJosh Kuroda
Product Manager

Katherine PannellKatherine Pannell
Data Engineer II

Kim SikoraKim Sikora
Director, Revenue &
Financial Planning

Lorry HendersonLorry Henderson
Product Manager

ara FinkelMara Finkel
Software Engineer I

Megan DiasMegan Dias
Senior Manager, Customer Success

Megan WalcekMegan Walcek
Director, Communications

Elle PujalsMichelle Pujals
Data Engineer I

Miguel RondonMiguel Rondon
Data Engineer I

Mitch SeltzerMitchell Seltzer
Director, Software Engineering

Naomi JohnsonNaomi Johnson
UX Researcher

Nina MagnusonNina Magnuson
Data Scientist II

Osman AfridiOsman Afridi
Senior Software Engineer

Pascale SmallPascale Small
Senior Manager, Partnerships & Fundraising

Salma KhanSalma Khan
Chief of Staff

Sandra RutkowskiSandra Rutkowski
Director, Revenue Operations & Partnerships

Scott LaForestScott LaForest
Data Scientist

Sharon LaszloSharon Laszlo
Senior Manager, Email Marketing

Valerie CappValerie Capp
Partnership Coordinator

Vicki LuuVicki Luu
Production Manager

Zac WalkerZac Walker
Data Operations Analyst