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Award-winning, original parenting and education content

GreatSchools is the leading provider of original PreK-12 parenting and education content in the U.S. In nearly two decades spent focused on developing content specifically for parents, our team of education editors, instructional designers, and educators has developed deep expertise in transforming the latest education science and research into easy-to-digest insights parents can use in everyday life. As part of our content creation process, we work in consultation with the country’s top experts and educators, such as Common Core authors Student Achievement Partners, Harvard’s Making Caring Common, and University of Chicago’s Center for Early Childhood Research.

A wealth of material: GreatSchools’ rich library of original content

Today, our award-winning parenting information collection includes nearly 10,000 pieces of original digital content for parents, including articles, videos, parenting cue cards, tip sheets, newsletters, infographics, podcasts, worksheets, book lists, text messaging programs, and interactive tools. Through our website, this content reaches more than 10 million unique users each year.

Helping families and educators

Our education and parenting information is designed to help build connections. Parents want to know how to support their children, educators want to know how they can involve families as students build important skills, and researchers want their important findings communicated to families and educators. GreatSchools’ parental guidance strives to connect families and educators with these important findings in meaningful ways. By sharing this information, we help cultivate important school-to-home learning connections by raising awareness about children’s academic, social, and emotional development from preschool through high school. Our editorial team is dedicated to making this important information available in ways that parents, caregivers, and educators find accessible, actionable, and equitable — in English and in Spanish.

Family engagement for schools and districts: Grade-Level Essentials

Grade-Level Essentials (GLE) is a bilingual, year-round program that cultivates school-to-home learning connections by delivering just-in-time academic and social-emotional guidance for each grade, from the first day of PreK through high school graduation. As parents receive essential information on supporting their individual child, they become more confident about helping with academic goals, build stronger bonds with their children to foster prosocial behaviors, and ultimately, forge a positive relationship with their child’s teacher and school.

Learn more about our family engagement program for schools and districts, Grade-Level Essentials, including how the program works and how we know it works.