Summer Learning

Summer planning for
tweens and teens

Too old for day camp, too young to get a job. What to do? If you know where to look, there are plenty of options to keep kids happy while staving off summer brain drain. More »


Summer learning

Summer triage: filling in school gaps

When schools drop electives, can summer camps pick up the pieces?

Summer Activities

A little roughhousing, a lot of smarts

A spirited round of rough-and-tumble play can help kids build academic, emotional, and physical smarts.

Worksheets & Activities

10 hands-on science activities

From melting ice cream to squashing tomatoes, your child will love these brainiac science projects.

Emotional Well-Being

It's EQ time!

IQ and emotional intelligence go hand in hand. Learn how to boost your teen emotionally this summer, too.

Health & Nutrition

10 tips for a healthy summer

From snacks and exercise to down time, learn 10 small-but-smart habits to teach your child this summer.

Summer Activities

Beach reads for teens

YA readers discover how magic, romance, and cultures clash in these summertime books.

Summer Activities

Humor books for 4th graders

Make your child laugh with these funny, grade-appropriate page turners.

Summer Activities

Timeless reads for tweens and teens

Looking for new books to inspire your tween or teen? Your search is over!

Summer Activities

Classic books for 3rd graders

These are the books you'll remember from childhood — and that your child will love for a lifetime

Summer Activities

All-time favorites for 2nd graders

Revisit tales about a tug boat or a pair of ducklings in these classic kids' books.

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