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Parent advocacy toolkit

Mobilizing parents to demand great schools for their children can unleash a powerful force for change. Armed with clear and accurate information about their school, parents will have an important tool to start a conversation and ignite action.

Innovate Public Schools and GreatSchools have joined together to offer this Parent Advocacy Toolkit for organizers and advocates across the country who work with parents to use school data to:

The Parent Advocacy Toolkit is a collection of resources, guidance, and inspiration for using to find school data, interpret the data, train others on how to find and understand the data, and use the data for advocacy and to push for change.

Follow these steps:

  1. Know the data

    Take a tour of the GreatSchools school profile to understand the data presented on the site. Explore different types of schools — elementary schools, middle schools, high schools.

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  2. Watch the videos

    Use these videos for inspiration and easy tips to get started.

    How to engage with parents:

    YouTube video

    How to engage with schools:

    YouTube video

    How to engage with your elected officials:

    YouTube video
  3. Review the GreatSchools Workshop Guide

    Review the GreatSchools Workshop Guide to get ready to meet with other parents. You can print out this guide or you can show parents GreatSchools information by searching for a local school on your smartphone on

  4. Take the trainer assessment

    Take the trainer assessment and receive your recognition for completing all steps of the GreatSchools Parent Advocacy Toolkit. Start the assessment now.

Additional resources:

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