Science can be fun, especially if you make it part of a child’s everyday routine. Here are some simple tips for bringing science into your child’s life.

  1. Follow his interests and encourage him to explore subjects he likes. If he’s a sci-fi fan, give him materials about space exploration, or try a paleontology book on your dinosaur buff.
  2. Make time for everyday experimentation, like observing changes in weather or the chemical reactions in cooking.
  3. Put scientific concepts in real-world terms. If she’s studying states of matter at school, for example, take some water and freeze, boil, and melt it so she can see the scientific processes at work.
  4. Listen to his questions and try to find the answers together. Simply telling him the answer won’t be as helpful or as empowering as conducting his own research.
  5. Explore the science that surrounds you – from the science programs in your community, to museums, to nature walks. Take trips together that pique her curiosity and keep her asking “Why?”