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Golden Apple Awards 2010 (ages 8-10)

Whether your kid likes DIY perfume kits or division drills, these toys are sure to please.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Ages 8-10

Creationary — a variation on Pictionary — is a fun guessing game that lets kids get competitive while playing with Legos. Players roll a six-sided die to determine one of four possible categories: buildings, nature, things, or vehicles. Potential creations are challenging enough to make the game fun for older kids, as they include everything from a fox to a skateboard to a laptop. The game comes with basic Lego blocks and some specialized pieces to allow for even more experimentation.

Bottom line: Pictionary for the Legos-loving set, this game requires real creative thinking.

Comments from readers

"Beats flash cards hands down!"
"all business, but kids love it"