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Why student-centered education should be the norm

Want a high school where every kid finds their unique learning path? Allow students a way to exercise their voice and choice.

The power of positive school culture

How everyone treats each other at a high school has a huge impact on learning. This is what to look out for.

How to make better teachers

Teachers are the most powerful factor in your child’s education: that’s why ongoing teacher development should be a cornerstone of every high school.

Making sure every student gets a chance

Research shows that high schools that successfully support at-risk students are more effective for all their students.

Why college counseling matters

Early and ongoing access to college counseling has been shown to influence whether students apply to college and which colleges they choose.

The value of student-staff connections

Positive, meaningful relationships between high school students and their teachers and principals are more than just nice to have; they're the foundation for a great high school.

Advanced academics for everyone

The best high schools don’t just provide rigorous courses for motivated students, they encourage every student to explore advanced classes.

The importance of real-life learning and career pathways

Whether it’s career and technical training or outside internships, hands-on learning in high school gives kids purpose and makes school relevant.

Secrets of successful high schools

Watch how some high schools are integrating real-world learning experiences into the curriculum and getting surprising results.

10 practices of an exceptionally successful high school

North Star Academy Principal Michael Mann shares the strategies the school has created to ensure that 100% of their students are prepared for four-year college.

College Success Award winner: President William McKinley High School

Watch how this 2019 CSA-winning high school in Honolulu, HI encourages kids to explore their career dreams while also instilling the value of giving back to their community.

College Success Award winner: Veterans Memorial Early College High School

Watch how this CSA-winning high school in Brownsville, TX shows kids they care and supports students through the college application process.