North Dakota School Districts

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District nameCityCounty name
Adams 128 School DistrictAdamsWalsh
Alexander 2 School DistrictAlexanderMckenzie
Anamoose 14 School DistrictAnamooseMchenry
Apple Creek 39 School DistrictBismarckBurleigh
Ashley 9 School DistrictAshleyMcintosh
Bakker 10 School DistrictHagueEmmons
Baldwin 29 School DistrictBaldwinBurleigh
Barnes County North 7 School DistrictRogersBarnes
Beach 3 School DistrictBeachGolden Valley
Belcourt 7 School DistrictBelcourtRolette
Belfield 13 School DistrictBelfieldStark
Beulah 27 School DistrictBeulahMercer
Billings County 1 School DistrictMedoraBillings
Bismarck 1 School DistrictBismarckBurleigh
Bismarck Career AcademyBismarckBurleigh
Bismarck Special Education UnitBismarckBurleigh
Bismarck Technical CenterBismarckBurleigh
Bottineau 1 School DistrictBottineauBottineau
Bowbells 14 School DistrictBowbellsBurke
Bowman County 1 School DistrictBowmanBowman
Burke Central 36 School DistrictLigniteBurke
Burleigh County Special Education UnitBismarckBurleigh
Carrington 49 School DistrictCarringtonFoster
Cavalier 6 School DistrictCavalierPembina
Center-Stanton 1CenterOliver
Central Cass 17 School DistrictCasseltonCass
Central Elementary 32 School DistrictAmidonSlope
Central Valley 3 School DistrictBuxtonTraill
Dakota Prairie 1 School DistrictPetersburgNelson
Devils Lake 1 School DistrictDevils LakeRamsey
Dickinson 1 School DistrictDickinsonStark
Dickinson Special Education UnitDickinsonStark
Divide County 1 School DistrictCrosbyDivide
Drake 57 School DistrictDrakeMchenry
Drayton 19 School DistrictDraytonPembina
Dunseith 1 School DistrictDunseithRolette
Earl 18 School DistrictSidneyMckenzie
East Central Special Education UnitNew RockfordEddy
Edgeley 3 School DistrictEdgeleyLamoure
Edmore 2 School DistrictEdmoreRamsey
Eight Mile 6 School DistrictTrentonWilliams
Elgin-New Leipzig 49 School DistrictElginGrant
Ellendale 40 School DistrictEllendaleDickey
Emerado 127 School DistrictEmeradoGrand Forks
Emmons County Special Education UnitLintonEmmons
Enderlin Area 24 School DistrictEnderlinRansom
Fairmount 18 School DistrictFairmountRichland
Fargo 1 School DistrictFargoCass
Fargo Special Education UnitFargoCass
Fessenden-Bowdon 25 School DistrictFessendenWells
Finley-Sharon 19 School DistrictFinleySteele
Flasher 39 School DistrictFlasherMorton
Fordville-Lankin 5 School DistrictFordvilleWalsh
Ft Ransom 6 School DistrictFort RansomRansom
Ft Totten 30 School DistrictFort TottenBenson
Ft Totten Special Education UnitFort TottenBenson
Ft Yates 4 School DistrictFort YatesSioux
Gackle-Streeter 56 School DistrictGackleLogan
Garrison 51 School DistrictGarrisonMclean
Glen Ullin 48 School DistrictGlen UllinMorton
Glenburn 26 School DistrictGlenburnRenville
Goodrich 16 School DistrictGoodrichSheridan
Grafton 3 School DistrictGraftonWalsh
Grand Forks 1 School DistrictGrand ForksGrand Forks
Grand Forks Afb 140Grand ForksGrand Forks
Grand Forks Area Career & Technical CenterGrand ForksGrand Forks
Grand Forks Special Education UnitGrand ForksGrand Forks
Grenora 99 School DistrictGrenoraWilliams
Griggs County Central 18 School DistrictCooperstownGriggs
Gst Special Education UnitPortlandTraill
Halliday 19 School DistrictHallidayDunn
Hankinson 8 School DistrictHankinsonRichland
Harvey 38 School DistrictHarveyWells
Hatton 7 School DistrictHattonTraill
Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock 6 School DistrictHazeltonEmmons
Hazen 3 School DistrictHazenMercer
Hebron 13 School DistrictHebronMorton
Hettinger 13 School DistrictHettingerAdams
Hillsboro 9 School DistrictHillsboroTraill
Hope 10 School DistrictHopeSteele
Horse Creek 32 School DistrictCartwrightMckenzie
James River Special Education CooperativeJamestownStutsman
James Valley Area Career & Technical CenterJamestownStutsman
Jamestown 1 School DistrictJamestownStutsman
Jamestown Special Education UnitJamestownStutsman
Kenmare 28 School DistrictKenmareWard
Kensal 19 School DistrictKensalStutsman
Kidder County 1 School DistrictSteeleKidder
Killdeer 16 School DistrictKilldeerDunn
Kindred 2 School DistrictKindredCass
Kulm 7 School DistrictKulmLamoure
Lake Area Career & Technical CenterDevils LakeRamsey
Lake Region Special Education UnitDevils LakeRamsey
Lakota 66 School DistrictLakotaNelson
Lamoure 8 School DistrictLamoureLamoure
Langdon Area 23 School DistrictLangdonCavalier
Larimore 44 School DistrictLarimoreGrand Forks
Leeds 6 School DistrictLeedsBenson
Lewis And Clark 161 School DistrictBertholdWard
Lidgerwood 28 School DistrictLidgerwoodRichland
Linton 36 School DistrictLintonEmmons
Lisbon 19 School DistrictLisbonRansom
Litchville-Marion 46 School DistrictMarionLamoure
Little Heart 4 School DistrictSaint AnthonyMorton
Lone Tree 6 School DistrictGolvaGolden Valley
Lonetree Special Education UnitHarveyWells
Maddock 9 School DistrictMaddockBenson
Mandan 1 School DistrictMandanMorton
Manning 45 School DistrictBismarckBurleigh
Manvel 125 School DistrictManvelGrand Forks
Maple Valley 4 School DistrictTower CityCass
Mapleton 7 School DistrictMapletonCass
Marmarth 12 School DistrictMarmarthSlope
Marmot SchoolsMandanMorton
Max 50 School DistrictMaxMclean
May-Port Cg 14 School DistrictMayvilleTraill
Mcclusky 19 School DistrictMccluskySheridan
Mckenzie County 1 School DistrictWatford CityMckenzie
Medina 3 School DistrictMedinaStutsman
Menoken 33 School DistrictMenokenBurleigh
Midkota 7 School DistrictBinfordGriggs
Midway 128 School DistrictInksterGrand Forks
Milnor 2 School DistrictMilnorSargent
Minnewaukan 5 School DistrictMinnewaukanBenson
Minot 1 School DistrictMinotWard
Minot Afb 160MinotWard
Minto 20 School DistrictMintoWalsh
Missouri River Area Career & Technical CenterMandanMorton
Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood 1 School DistrictMohallRenville
Montpelier 14 School DistrictMontpelierStutsman
Morton-Sioux Special Education UnitMandanMorton
Mott-Regent 1 School DistrictMottHettinger
Mt Pleasant 4 School DistrictRollaRolette
Munich 19 School DistrictMunichCavalier
Napoleon 2 School DistrictNapoleonLogan
Naughton 25 School DistrictBismarckBurleigh
Nd School For The DeafDevils LakeRamsey
Nd Vision ServicesGrand ForksGrand Forks
Nedrose 4 School DistrictMinotWard
Nesson 2 School DistrictRayWilliams
New 8 School DistrictWillistonWilliams
New England 9 School DistrictNew EnglandHettinger
New Rockford-Sheyenne 2 School DistrictNew RockfordEddy
New Salem-Almont 49 School DistrictNew SalemMorton
New Town 1 School DistrictNew TownMountrail
Newburg-United 54 School DistrictNewburgBottineau
North Border 100 School DistrictWalhallaPembina
North Central 28 School DistrictRock LakeTowner
North Central Area Career & Technical CenterRugbyPierce
North Sargent 3 School DistrictGwinnerSargent
North Star 10 School DistrictCandoTowner
North Valley Area Career & Technical CenterGraftonWalsh
Northern Cass 97 School DistrictHunterCass
Northern Plains Special Education UnitCrosbyDivide
Northwood 129 School DistrictNorthwoodGrand Forks
Oakes 41 School DistrictOakesDickey
Oberon 16 School DistrictOberonBenson
Ojibwa Indian School DistrictBelcourtRolette
Oliver-Mercer Special Education UnitHazenMercer
Page 80 School DistrictPageCass
Park River 78 School DistrictPark RiverWalsh
Parshall 3 School DistrictParshallMountrail
Peace Garden Student Support ServicesBottineauBottineau
Pembina Special Education CooperativeCavalierPembina
Pingree-Buchanan 10 School DistrictPingreeStutsman
Pleasant Valley 35 School DistrictHurdsfieldWells
Powers Lake 27 School DistrictPowers LakeBurke
Richardton-Taylor 34 School DistrictRichardtonStark
Richland 44 School DistrictColfaxRichland
Robinson 14 School DistrictRobinsonKidder
Rolette 29 School DistrictRoletteRolette
Roosevelt 18 School DistrictCarsonGrant
Roughrider Area Career & Technical CenterDickinsonStark
Rugby 5 School DistrictRugbyPierce
Rural Cass Special Education UnitMapletonCass
Sargent Central 6 School DistrictFormanSargent
Sawyer 16 School DistrictSawyerWard
Scranton 33 School DistrictScrantonBowman
Selfridge 8 School DistrictSelfridgeSioux
Sheyenne Valley Area Career & Technical CenterValley CityBarnes
Sheyenne Valley Special Education UnitValley CityBarnes
Solen 3 School DistrictSolenSioux
Souris Valley Special Education UnitMinotWard
South Central Prairie Special Education UnitNapoleonLogan
South Heart 9 School DistrictSouth HeartStark
South Prairie 70 School DistrictMinotWard
South Valley Special Education UnitHankinsonRichland
Southeast Region Career & Technical CenterWahpetonRichland
Southwest Special Education UnitMottHettinger
St John 3 School DistrictSaint JohnRolette
St Thomas 43 School DistrictSaint ThomasPembina
Standing Rock Special Education UnitFort YatesSioux
Stanley 2 School DistrictStanleyMountrail
Starkweather 44 School DistrictStarkweatherRamsey
Sterling 35 School DistrictSterlingBurleigh
Strasburg 15 School DistrictStrasburgEmmons
Surrey 41 School DistrictSurreyWard
Sweet Briar 17 School DistrictMandanMorton
Tgu 60 School DistrictTownerMchenry
Thompson 61 School DistrictThompsonGrand Forks
Tioga 15 School DistrictTiogaWilliams
Turtle Lake-Mercer 72 School DistrictTurtle LakeMclean
Turtle Mt Special Education UnitBelcourtRolette
Twin Buttes 37 School DistrictHallidayDunn
Underwood 8 School DistrictUnderwoodMclean
United 7 School DistrictDes LacsWard
Upper Valley Special Education UnitGraftonWalsh
Valley City 2 School DistrictValley CityBarnes
Valley-Edinburg 118 School DistrictEdinburgWalsh
Velva 1 School DistrictVelvaMchenry
Wahpeton 37 School DistrictWahpetonRichland
Wahpeton Special Education UnitWahpetonRichland
Warwick 29 School DistrictWarwickBenson
Washburn 4 School DistrictWashburnMclean
West Fargo 6 School DistrictWest FargoCass
West Fargo Special Education UnitWest FargoCass
West River Student Services UnitDickinsonStark
Western Star Area Career & Technical CenterWillistonWilliams
Westhope 17 School DistrictWesthopeBottineau
Williston 1 School DistrictWillistonWilliams
Wilmac Special Education UnitWillistonWilliams
Wilton 1 School DistrictWiltonMclean
Wing 28 School DistrictWingBurleigh
Wishek 19 School DistrictWishekMcintosh
Wolford 1 School DistrictWolfordPierce
Wyndmere 42 School DistrictWyndmereRichland
Yellowstone 14 School DistrictFairviewMckenzie
Zeeland 4 School DistrictZeelandMcintosh